Tuesday , 20 October 2020
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REZA attends Practitioners Forum on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

The conference itself was organized by the SID (Society of International Development) and the Heinrich Böll Foundation and focused on the energy supply and efficiency of East Africa (Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda). “Energy for whom?” Is the key question of the conference, which brought together many different actors. The conference was a great complement to the work to focus on concrete cases of resource scarcity, pollution or social inequality. The lectures by various actors of politics, economy and society has created a diverse overview of these concepts to arrange a larger frame.
Central findings of the conference for Tanzania were:

  1. The finding that the majority of the population uses about 85% biomass as an energy source
  2. Tanzania faces the global challenge of resource scarcity
  3. A transparent elaboration is necessary, which shows who controls the resources of the country and who as a decision maker pursues which interests
  4. The proximity to the population and their lawful education about energy supply issues. Special attention was given to the issue of youth education in Tanzania and its importance for a reflected self-organization of domestic affairs
  5. That a comparison with America and Europe in this case have both advantages and disadvantages. A pure competition lead on the wrong way, because especially in the question of supply structures, the view must always be placed on country-specific characteristics. There would not be an unresolved solution. In addition, always remember that solutions for one, problems for the other can be. A comparison can also be seen critically, because the representations are not always transparent, as argued by the words “it’s not what you say, it’s what they hear”. On the other hand, a mutual international support, as implemented by Tanzania in the technological field, is very helpful.

Forum Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy by AHK

Against the background of rising energy policies and ongoing shift towards international production standards, energy efficiency and the diversification of energy supply is becoming an increasingly crucial task for Tanzanian business. The incorporation of systems, technologies and solutions for exploiting efficiency potentials at all stages of value creation opens new business opportunities especially when it comes to collaborating with German companies. A set of renowned German solution providers were presenting and discussing their competitive edge in optimizing energy consumption, focusing on energy management, solar energy and bio-gas.
German experts and interested Tanzanian companies and stakeholders came together for a great meeting to access their energy supply situation and presenting solutions to optimize their energy consumption.
As one of our roles it was also a good opportunity to improve our position as a responsible body of networking in the energy sector.

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