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REZA had Discussion on ROOTS & SHOOTS Zanzibar Project at Lumumba Secondary School

As a supporter of environmental and social development REZA is currently involved in expanding the ROOTS & SHOOTS Youth Project with the Coordinators from Halesalasi and Lumumba School. The projects philosophy can be explained the best by its founder Jane Goodall:
“ROOTS & SHOOTS (…) encourage young people to learn about, demonstrate care and concern for environment, animals and human communities through hands-on activities and member based activities in schools and communities. The program strives to increase understanding between people of different cultures, beliefs, religions and social economic standings and helps them build self –respect, confidence and hope for their own future.” – Dr. Jane Goodall.
As it is the idea of the project to encourage young groups and educate them in environmental protection, we attend to create a new school program in local schools in Zanzibar. This program should include presentations with different focuses and a following tree planting. Furthermore the school program includes diverse excursions to different institutions in Zanzibar like CHAKO, Vikokotoni Environmental Society or Permaculture Center. Those institution, which all contain subjects like waste management, gardening, composting, renewable Energy or biodiversity etc., should help to get a practical knowledge about environmental protection and to create a questioning and sustainable mindset for Zanzibar’s youth.
In addition to the educational aspect the ROOTS & SHOOTS project will support the networking between those institutions and also between the schools and will be a good base for future projects.
All organizations with similar focuses are welcome to join the project. The implementation will start 2019.

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