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Conducting Research and School Program on Renewable Energy

REZA as the major NGO in Zanzibar responsible for Renewable Energy also dedicated it time to provide and deliver knowledge among Students in different School in Zanzibar.
This program aims to feed knowledge in different perspectives concerning Renewable Energies including Gas Energies, Environment and Climate Change, Wind energies and the like.
REZA also makes a close relations in such away it participate and consult in different activities to make sure that these programs are sustainable and continue to exists by providing different ways such as participating in curriculum development on renewable energies and printing different books and fliers on Renewable Energies.
Apart of disseminating knowledge and providing services to the community, REZA also decided direct it aims on conducting various researches in renewable energies.
Observation show that, there are different areas which contains different findings that need to be researched but no any researches related to renewable energy has been conducted till now. Good example of these project is a tower available at Makunduchi village, this tower is used for conducting some researches related to renewable energy like Solar electricity and the like.
With support of URBIS Foundation and other Renewable Energy supporter, REZA also aims to support researcher who would like to conduct the study that will build grounds of advocating for the establishment of the framework for the recycling of renewable wastes with main focus to the batteries (mainly focus in Zanzibar) like that one from TAREA (focus in Mainland) in which REZA is a member (subset) of that NGO as well as the disposal process.
By accomplish such things, REZA expected to be a Centre for Research related to Renewable Energy in the Country.

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