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Advocacy Workshops with Local Clan Leaders (LCL) and Energy Stakeholders

This workshop have been conducted positively. The workshop discussed the role of energy policy and find existing opportunity through it. Both events were successfully conducted in the North District ‘A’ and ‘B’ attended by representatives of Ministry of Land, Water, Energy and Environment, Zanzibar Bureau of Standard, Zanzibar Utility Regulatory Authority (ZURA), Senior Assistance Lecturer from Innovation Unit of The State University of Zanzibar, Member of House of representative and the District Officers.
Objective of the advocacy workshops were to advocate the Local Clan Leaders (LCL) and Energy Stakeholders in seeking energy policy and finding other opportunity/ facilities as the local government that can contribute in the economy of the villages through activities related to the RE. Accessing energy source into livelihood development and improve family income.
Impacts of the workshops were too positive. After having a detail discussions participants were sensitized and agreed that local government has organize strategic in order that those development plans can contribute in the economy and still plays good contributors to society, if can be manage them wisely.
More than 45 participants have participated in the advocacy workshops in both districts. Participants have very positive feedback regarding local government’s contribution in the society but they have opinion that as they are not policy makers and also having no wide decision making authority in their village full, so it would be more beneficial if these kind of sessions would be arranged for high level policy makers and decision makers. LCL are the followers of policies and decisions so despite having sensitized and agreed for inclusion of their local governments in implementing the role of energy policy but can’t do anything due to the short comes of the policies respective.
Major achievement of the workshop is beside those participants agreed to take opportunity to create small programs related on the renewable energy development activities that whose aim of bringing development to the community. Other achievement are:-
Social and technical support has been promised by the participants special those government representatives.
Adopting and recommend the priority areas to concern in sensitization on RE.
Setting strategic development plans that will strength all effort that clan leader and other stakeholders that can facilitate development effort.
To know each other between local clan leader and energy stakeholders.
To appreciate ways to get service/information while REZA is one of the key institutions for providing social services.

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