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Village Trainings On Mini Economic Solar Plant (Miesp) in 25 Villages of North Districts Of Zanzibar

In September to November 2016, REZA conducted village training on the so called ‘Mini Economic Solar Plant’ (in short MiESP, a small solar home system for working four lamps and a mobile phone charger) in five villages of Zanzibar. The aim of the project was to give the villagers a practical training on the small home system and inform them on Renewable Energies and environmental protection in general. In the course of this project REZA also enabled the people to afford the small solar system as an alternative for the expensive, health-damaging kerosene lamps that are commonly used.
In this project, REZA participated in the preparation, for example by communicating with the local village leaders (Shehas) and the district office, as well as with the respective Organizations, like various departments and Ministries and the District Council Office. It also participated in the conduction of this project.
The village training project went very well, a lot of villagers attended the trainings and showed great interest in the covered topics. From the month of July 2017 until the end of August 2017, REZA decided to do this activity again for 10 villages, as a lot of people still needed the service of REZA. Continuing with the project in other villages, we were also successful and the people were content with our trainings. One part of the MiESP project is installing the solar home systems in the villages. REZA has its own technicians to do this work. They are also giving the users information on the correct use of the system.

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