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REZA Staff Participate on World Cleanup Day in Zanzibar

On the 15th of September REZA participated in the World Cleaning Day, which took place in Tanzania including Zanzibar the first time.
The purpose of the Clean up Day is to raise awareness of the global problem of pollution and its consequences for the environment, humans and animals both on land and in the sea. As a worldwide social movement, people in more than 150 countries have joined forces that day to collect rubbish on public roads. A large number of volunteers gathered in different locations in various countries to make a statement that day and point out the importance of proper disposal of garbage. A bottom-up movement that originated in Estonia 10 years ago and shows its relevance clearly in the strong participation of many other countries.
Also in Zanzibar we struggle with the daily problem of waste management, so we decided to join this movement and set also a statement for environmental protection.
In collaboration with different NGOs we met in the early morning hours to use the cool breeze to take action at Mwanakwerekwe Market. This market was one of 13 regions on Zanzibar where around 100 of more than 4000 people in general took part in.
The day was rewarding in many ways, because we got to know the view of market visitors and sellers and their opinion on the general pollution. On the one hand, they complained about the inadequate number of trash bins and the lack of regulations. Others complained about the widespread behavior and the associated habit of simply throwing their trash on the street
In conclusion, people are aware of the problem, but in some cases lack the link between their own actions and regional pollution and its effects. Addressing the subject of garbage and the environment at school in so-called environment clubs is already given in some schools, but should still be spread. What are the benefits and positive aspects of a clean environment? How can I contribute to a cleaner environment? That’s exactly what could be worked out in future waste management projects which will get started soon with REZA.
What do you do to create a clean environment? Find some advice in our blog or participate in the World Clean up Day next year!

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