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Road Show Program Program with ZECO

In every year REZA implement external project incorporation with partner organizations, either from Government or Private sectors. One among these program was ROAD SHOW Program which is an awareness program created by the Government of Zanzibar. This program was leaded under ZECO management.
Zanzibar Electricity Corporation is a government company which is the responsible to supply electricity service here in Zanzibar. Since 2010, the government of Zanzibar plan to include Renewable energies on its energy policy as the main source of electricity of the country in future time.
Among the effort taken by the government of Zanzibar to make sure the energy policy is followed, was the establishment of renewable energy studies which had began since late of 2013 to end 2016 under support from European Union.
The program is at the second phase now, providing awareness to the Zanzibar communities. With those regards, REZA was assigned to hold this activity in July 2017, both at Unguja and Pemba Islands.
The main topics that they’ve been teaching were renewable energy and green energy (Energy efficiency).
The main goals of the training were:
Asking the community, if the costs for using our resources can become downsized to reduce the large problem of poverty. An example for those who are using the Zeco-power supply is needed to reduce the power costs after the following system:
– Using power saving equipment.
– Turning out the lights if they are not needed.
– For those who are using fridge and or freezer: only turning them on when they are needed.
– For those who are using lamp oil: it is recommended to use solar panels with 8 watt instead.

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