Tuesday , 20 October 2020
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Volunteering Program

As already briefly discuss in networking, REZA also aims to conduct Volunteering program. This program aims to bring together other Renewable Energy Stakeholders within or outside the country and working together as a team in this related matter.
The volunteering program also aims to bring confidence and competence to the volunteers as well as is a part of cultural exchange between the stakeholders, since sometimes (and most of the time) these volunteers are from outside the country mostly from Germany.
Therefore, honestly REZA already opened its doors for any Organization or NGOs that are working on related field like REZA to bring their volunteers and working together as a team for the purpose of continue raising awareness to the people and community in general in this area of Renewable Energy.
REZA is committed to process all procedures required for volunteers to work in our country from the initial stage to the last day of staying in Zanzibar for this purpose.
Again, we thank DTP for being supportive in this work, their supporting to bring to us Volunteers in every year since 2015 is amazing and the network has been growing day to day from another RE stakeholders.
Furthermore, REZA has the plan to establish enter-county-volunteer-program which will involve university leaver who are searching for the employment opportunity. Aim of this program is to minimize the number of youth who staying at home after finishing their university studies. We are still welcome any one who like to give his support on this young generation.

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