Tuesday , 20 October 2020
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Promote Energy Efficiency

REZA also aims to promote the use of technology that protects environment and assure reliable energy supply at the affordable costs.
Over the years, the problem of climate change has been reported frequently in almost all over the world including Zanzibar. REZA as an NGO that is directly responsible for providing knowledge on the effects of climate change and environmental degradation saw this and plan to take action on it.
Through this, currently REZA conducting and plan to continue to conducts a lot of seminars, workshops, road show programs and other community events that aims to show how these renewable energies are the best solution for the living organism compared to other means of energy like charcoal, gases and other sources.
REZA also plan to conduct some projects that will directly involve the community to practice on Energy Efficiency:

  • Guides how to save energy usage.
  • Making decision on energy.
  • Investing on productivity on more renewable energies.

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