standard-title Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure


The members of the Association are the highest authority in all matters related to the running of the REZA. They exercise their authority mainly through the Annual General Meeting or extraordinary meetings.

Annual General Meeting

As REZA is a membership organization, the management of the organization is naturally depending on the members. The institution for this is the Annual General Meeting, which takes place once a year. Every member is invited to attend in order to participate in making high level decisions. The Annual General Meeting usually sees the presentation of outcomes and perspectives of REZA’s work during the period since the last meeting. Meantime, at the Annual General Meeting, the Secretariat presents the Annual Financial Report and proposes a budget for the coming period, which then needs to be confirmed by the Annual General Meeting. Furthermore, the participants of the Annual General Meeting are electing the Executive Committee and the Advisory Committee. These committees are supervising and steering REZA’s actual activities throughout the year.

Advisory Commitee

Internally, the REZA has established standing Committees known as Advisory Committees, which act as the committee think on various renewable technology issues in its endeavor to fulfill its mission. The Committees provide technical support on how best REZA carry out its activities.

The Advisory committee provides Association support to both the Executive Committee and Executive Secretary on matters pertaining to the efficient operation of REZA. convenes and chairs the meeting of the Advisory Committee. The secretary of the Advisory Committee acts as the Secretary to the Advisory Committee meetings and carries out an advisory role to the Chairperson of the Advisory Committee.

Executive Committee

The advanced institution for all REZA activities is the Executive Committee. The board is meeting once in three months. The authority and responsibility for managing the affairs of the Association in conformity with the Constitution and By-Laws shall be vested in the Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee is elected by the Annual General Meeting every after two years. There are regulations as who is eligible for election. Generally, every active member of REZA, except student member is eligible to become a member of the Executive Committee.

Affiliated Institutions

REZA will open institutions that being an umbrella organization for renewable energy technology, all public and some private sectors and higher learning institutes and institutions are affiliated to REZA