Information and Knowledge

The knowledge retrieving for members and stakeholders REZA has strategy to use magazines, creating electron newsletter, emails and other communication channels to inform them about current news and events.

REZA plan to open frequently trainings and other events aiming the enlargement of knowledge and the improvement of its exchange.

Besides there are many public relation activities for awareness creation and capacity building like TV and Radio interviews, village presentations and events participation.

In cooperation with renewable energy actors REZA plan to establish the international event of exhibition.


The main function of REZA is to connect all renewable energy stakeholders in the country and abroad who are interested in raising the renewable energy sector in Zanzibar.


REZA has the plan to bring all interests together and represents them extern through lobbying and advocacy on policy, legislation, regulations and standards in Renewable Energy

Educational and Research

To encourage research and education in renewable energy sector, REZA is announcing to every institute which is want to conduct research of renewable energy technology is welcomed and REZA will give to them full cooperation.