Tuesday , 20 October 2020
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Mussa Haji Mussa (REZA Chair person)

Mussa is one of the two founders and a Trustee of REZA. He is the First Chairperson for REZA. He is responsible for the whole REZA’s policy. Mussa has Bachelor of Education in Policy and Management from the Open Of University Tanzania and Diploma in Public Administration from the Institute of Public Administration and Education in Science from Nkrumah Collage. He has already attends many conferences and meetings including East Africa Renewable Energy International Conference held East Africa.

Futari Mzee Ali (REZA Vice Chair person)

She is responsible in Relationship and International Cooperation. Futari hold the First Degree in Community Economy from DVT. MUCCODS and Masters Degree in Economics and Finance from Zanzibar University – Tanzania. She has many years of expeiences in social and community issues including working with Zanzibar anti-corruption for ZAECA and The Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE)

Ramadhan Said Omar (REZA Executive Secretary)

Ramadhan is one of the two founders and a Trustee of REZA. He is the executive secretary for REZA. He is responsible for the day to day operation of REZA’s programmes as well as the leader and Project Manager of all projects under REZA. Ramadhan has a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology, Application and Management from The State University of Zanzibar, Certificate in Education from Nkrumah College, Certificate of Renewable Energy and has long-term experience in the field of Renewable Energy development and climate negotiations. Ramadhan puts special emphasis on strengthening women and youth.

Ahmed Suleiman Ali (REZA Assistant Executive Secretary)

Ahmed is responsible for the day to day operation of REZA’s programs specifically assisting and advice the Executive Secretary). He has Graduated with Diploma of Information Technology from The State University of Zanzibar. In his dutiesa, Ahmed has a legal background and utilities along with his strong Organisational skills to ensure the smooth operation of REZA meetings and events

Hanifa Ame Makame (Treasure of REZA)

Hanifa is responsible of financial management of REZA. She also is a member of REZA Executive Board. She has many years experience in dealing with finance information and she has completed number of fundraising challenges for REZA. She is a Qualified Accountant and loves auditing.

Ali A Abdulla (IT Expertand Technical Consultant).

Ali is an Assistant Lecturer at The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) in a School of Natural and Social Sciences under the Department of Computer Science and IT. He is a Technology Consultant and uses his technical and analytical skills to help make the most of the donations REZA receives. He has many years experience in teaching. Ali graduated his BSc Computer Science at SUZA and earn his Masters Degree (Computer Science) at VIT University – India. He has been involved and participated in different academic and professional projects and activities, such as ZISP and TESS projects, BSU (II) and (III) projects, STEM 4 Success Projects and PEBL Project, whereby in all of them he has been involved as a Facilitator, Consultant and an IT Expert. Apart of that, he has many years experience in Alternative and Renewable Energy, in which he is among major consultants in all projects conducted by REZA