Tuesday , 20 October 2020

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Enabling Community access to the Renewable Energy

REZA supports installations of renewable energy systems enabling off-grid communities’ access to the renewable energy technologies. Through Mini Economic Solar Plant (MiESP), REZA already install large number of these solar lighting system to many families especially in the villages that most of their residents can’t afford the cost for using electricity or the National power grid not yet arrive in …

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Consultancy Services on Renewable Energy

backbone NGO of Renewable Technology in Zanzibar, REZA is playing an important role to assure that the community in the Islands are well engaged in Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE). In this category, REZA provides consultancy services regarded to success development of uses of renewable energies, improving and developing its technologies, innovate and helping on distribution. REZA supports …

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Promote Energy Efficiency

REZA also aims to promote the use of technology that protects environment and assure reliable energy supply at the affordable costs. Over the years, the problem of climate change has been reported frequently in almost all over the world including Zanzibar. REZA as an NGO that is directly responsible for providing knowledge on the effects of climate change and environmental …

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Offering Renewable Energy Technical Training

As the widening up of renewable energy uses the repairing and trouble shooting of the broken system is needed. 99% of technicians is huge demand of all areas where RE work is invested. In short sentence we can say that in the rural area there is no professional RE technicians. With the help of TAREA the preparation of RE technical …

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