Tuesday , 20 October 2020

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Policy Influence

Like any other activities which needs implementation, a policy must be there so as to guide its implementation. By Considering this, REZA is working closely with different Government organizations responsible for Renewable Energy sources like Zanzibar Bureau Standard (ZBS), Zanzibar Utilities and Resources Authorities (ZURA), Zanzibar Electricity Cooperation (ZECO) to advocates them so as to develop and enforce standards, and …

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Solar Energy Installation

As a means of engaging and motivating community on the usage of Renewable Energy, REZA also working on the Installation of Solar Energy. Ranging from small solar system, medium and large solar system, REZA comprises of large number of competent and professional technician in solar energy. This installation starting from the initial stage of estimation, which type of solar panel …

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Volunteering Program

As already briefly discuss in networking, REZA also aims to conduct Volunteering program. This program aims to bring together other Renewable Energy Stakeholders within or outside the country and working together as a team in this related matter. The volunteering program also aims to bring confidence and competence to the volunteers as well as is a part of cultural exchange …

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Conducting Research and School Program on Renewable Energy

REZA as the major NGO in Zanzibar responsible for Renewable Energy also dedicated it time to provide and deliver knowledge among Students in different School in Zanzibar. This program aims to feed knowledge in different perspectives concerning Renewable Energies including Gas Energies, Environment and Climate Change, Wind energies and the like. REZA also makes a close relations in such away …

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