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Friday, April 19, 2019
Our Works

Policy Influence

Like any other activities which needs implementation, a policy must be there so as to guide its implementation. By Considering this, REZA is working closely with different Government organizations responsible for Renewable Energy sources like Zanzibar Bureau Standard (ZBS), Zanzibar Utilities and Resources Authorities (ZURA), Zanzibar Electricity Cooperation (ZECO) to advocates them so as to develop and enforce standards, and establish testing laboratory for Pico Solar Products.
Also, REZA aims to campaign Ministry of Education and Vocational Training through its Vocational Trainings at Mbweni and Mkotoni to establish scheme for the certification of renewable energy artisans that have not gone through formal training. This will lead to have certified people and technician who can works and deals with renewable Energy and results higher number of community to be aware and influence them to use Renewable Energy in the Islands.