Villages Awareness

Renewable Energy Zanzibar Association {REZA} was established in 2015 and registered with No L. 2380 on 05th of May, 2015 by the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs (MJCA) as a member based non-profit non-governmental organisation of Zanzibar renewable energy technologies stakeholders standing for the recognition of the excellence of renewable energy technologies and services,In achieving the goals they round in a different villages in Unguja for creating awareness to the people on how they can use renewable energy and protect natural resources.

Schools Programs


Renewable Energy Zanzibar Association {REZA} opened the training to the SHEHA of two District in north region of Unguja for training and sharing idea to them about Renewable Energy and good usage of natural resource of Zanzibar and Tanzania at all . This training obtain Eighteen Sheha from each District and two presenters from District Office.