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Thursday, March 21, 2019
Previous activities

Villages Trainings on Renewable Energy

Six (6) villages training with solar technician were included in the project contract. All events were successful conducted in 6 villages by REZA project team and Solar technicians.
The objective of the village training were to enhance people to engage on the small business of renewable energy product.  The activities was targeted to enhance the innovation work who live at rural areas where the energy access is limited.
Impacts of the village presentation this year whose structured seamed different than the past ones, were too positive. After having a detailed discussions, participants were sensitized and agreed that they can take more effort to carry out all the advises given by our project consultants.
More than 50 participants have participated in the village training in both district where by the maximum expected people to attend was 200 in each village training. Participants have very positive feedback regarding on establishing small business based on RE products. They believe that to do that will contribute to the society into development, but they just fearing on capital.
Details of 5 trainings and participants attended  said training is described in following table:

Installation Solar Home System

REZA technical team leaded by 6 technicians did the following installation to the rural arias as table shows: