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Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Community Awareness Training


The major objective is to transfer knowledge of Renewable Energy use direct to the local communities. Through village training program, REZA has succeeded to conduct many village training
According to the geographical situation and record of community services most parts of Unguja and Pemba Islands is surfer with the darkness during the night time. There is less grid power connected. Some villages completely no connected to a Grid Power. The major residence who lives there are fisherman and farmers who can’t afford to connect to the grid power. This challenge led to the many house family stay in darkness day after day.
Through the methodologies used by REZA experts, the villagers are eager to listen to what REZA team prepared.
Our technical team has gained great pleasure to see mass of people still waiting our team with great desire. In our training the main teaching method are sharing components, touching and practicing arranged small solar system.
REZA team informed the villagers what is renewable energy concern and how we can use them for the purpose of avoiding unnecessary demands like using kerosene as well as to avoid abuse which is very dangerous in everyday life. Finally the villager are convinced to forget about their differences and care for their developments

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