Enabling Advocacy of Quality Solar Photovoltaic Workmanship

Enabling Advocacy of Quality Solar Photovoltaic Workmanship

In 2019, REZA in partners with other Renewable Energy practitioners (TAREA) under the support of UNDP implemented one of the project that enables the installers to access the technical literature in the local language, Kiswahili.

The project printed booklets about solar photovoltaic technology in Kiswahili and distributed them to the installers. The booklets were distributed under the instructions of the content. The books were distributed by REZA, TAREA and other training entities like Tanzania Rural Energy Agency and Vocational Training Centres.

The immediate benefit received by the beneficiaries on the project was the ability to understand presented knowledge on the quality installation and maintenance of the solar home system.

The long-term impact of this project is to increase the uptake of solar photovoltaic home systems and reduce electronic wastes load on the environment.

the new development that occurred during the distribution of the project was increased interests of the vocational training centers using the booklets.