Support and Easement of Local Government Officials Workshop

Support and Easement of Local Government Officials Workshop

The aims of the Workshop was to support and easement of local government officials
Day one
In this workshop, government officials from District North A and B participated. The goal of the workshop was to clarify them the responsibilities they have in their job in relation
to renewable energies and environmental protection. The workshop was visited by two board leaders from the department of energy and ministry of land, water, earth and environment, two district officials, two councils and 18 local leaders. The most important discussed topics:
The most important discussed topics:

  1. Needs of the citizens
  2. Work of REZA and work of government officials
  3. Strategies

1. Needs of the citizens
There are already mentioned a lot of needs that influence the citizens and their leading persons. This includes safe and clean water supply, education, health system and service and a design-system for streets. But also the question about the recovery of lightness was a big problem because many people are using historic oil for light. A situation that holds back social development.

2. Work and responsibility of REZA
a) Giving education to the citizens
b) Negotiate with stakeholders from different sectors
c) Providing and advising
d) Working together with the society in different situations
And there are also more responsibilities, e.g.: ensure, that better education, water supply and services are offered to the community solving different problems of the citizens managing incomes, etc
This goal cope with the “sustainable development goals”
a) No poverty
b) Quality education
c) Affordable and clean energy
d) Decent work and economic growth
e) Sustainable cities and communities
f) Climate action

Day two: Climate Change
This topic has been discussed closer as well because it endangers our country. The situation leads to worse living standards. Also, there are raising population figures and environmental damages.
Example: cutting trees, soil digging, wood charcoal and garbage burning and non-standard cattle breeding…those situations lead to an increasing earth temperature and to damage of the ozone layer because of too much CO2.


  1. Developing more and better education and health system
  2. Ensuring, that all resources are consumed properly
  3. All citizens have to get an education in relation to renewable energies
  4. Existence of small authorities who help to save the fauna
  5. Working together with provincial leading persons
  6. Main goal is a common plan, which helps to solve the challenges facing the community